Maria Gabler’s W6A Coffee Roaster: passion for coffee roasting

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In the German town of Regensburg lives Maria Gabler. Maria, a 62 year old retiree,  decided to follow her passion for coffee roasting. Therefore, she purchased the Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster for personal use!

A passion for coffee roasting

Maria wanted the machine to be placed in her basement, but the entire model is too large to carry down the staircase. That is why our mechanics took apart the machine, and re-built it in the basement.  ‘Service and installation was just great!’ Maria said.

passion for coffee roasting

Convinced of quality

Maria was already familiar with our brand, and explains that she learned about roasting on a Giesen Coffee Roaster. ‘I purchased a Giesen, because I am convinced of its’ quality’. Her passion in coffee roasting, lies in the endless variety of tastes that can be generated using our machines. Maria remains happy about her purchase at Giesen, and is glad the machine could be placed according to her wishes.

passion for coffee roasting

Whatever kind of roasting experience you would like to have – we will find a way to make it happen for you. All you have to do is ask – and you will be amazed by what we can accomplish together!


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